Sander Coaching 2.0

ziel- und lösungsorientiert,
maßgeschneidert für Ihren
persönlichen Weg der

As an experienced business coach, I work with you to resolve negative beliefs, internal conflicts and resistance. Together we work out "your goals in your life". The coaching is goal and solution-oriented, tailor-made for your personal path of change.

Coaching topics are very diverse. Do you have a desire for clarity and orientation in your private life or at work? Do you want to realize your goals and dreams? Would you like to find out what defines you personally?

Regardless of the question you are currently dealing with professionally or privately and sometimes even brings you to sleep: Take the first step with me. See challenges of this kind as a sign that for you personally it is a question of the next level of clarity, quality and fulfillment in life. I look forward to accompanying you in your change, gaining completely new insights and opportunities and unlocking potential within a defined period of time.

Ramona Sander Coaching 2.0 in Stuttgart and Munich as well as online.

Unsere Partner & Referenzen

IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg
Nadine Kisro

Revenue Management, Yield Management & Controlling

Schulungen, Seminare und Trainings werden immer noch gerne als "Motivations-Bonbon" für einzelne Mitarbeiter genutzt.
Doch die permanente Weiter- und Fortbildung kann so viel mehr leisten als "nur" ein Bonus für Wohlverhalten zu sein.
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