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Front office analyses - Success with structure

The goal of front office analyses is to determine flaws in daily operations and exhaust the hotel's commercial potential more efficiently through optimising the organisational structure. The hotel’s software system will be used as a sales tool and your employees will be acquainted with the commercial aspects of the system.

The analysis will also consider interfaces with other departments as well as security when it comes to creating budgets and forecasts, and a targeted control of earnings through price and availability management.

At the same time, your employees’ skills are being promoted as you can clearly communicate the work flow to them and they, in turn, will be able to face your guests with full confidence. In a nutshell, the goal is to maximise the existing potential of man and machine.

For further information, I am at your disposal via telephone +49 (0) 711 121 520-78.

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IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg
Nadine Kisro

Revenue Management, Yield Management & Controlling

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